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About us

Casaditano is a project of life born from our common passion for nature, sustainability and experimentation that we share with our 3 children Nina, pepe and Ravi that support and help us every day managing the vegetable garden, animals, and house.

10 years back we have bought an ancient "contrada" (like a small village), a magic place inside a chestnut-tree forest in the heart of lessinia mountains. It was abandoned from 50 years and we re-gave it life in respect of what it was in the past and of the people that lived here and built it.

Having lots of passion for natural and traditional building materials and having the desire to live in the total respect of the environment, we restore the main house with eco-building techniques. Instead we re-built the 2 barns, almost destroyed, in straw bales and we made the place of the agriturism and host rooms.

We mainly self-constructed all the site to have the satisfaction to build our own nest and to try our skills, always assumed from every kind of "specialists".

Casaditano is a place of experimentation and meeting where you can learn how to make the things by yourself and where you can meet people with whom you can share your passions and curiosity. For this reason we are very glad to host people that understand and share our life style based on sustainability and respect of nature rhythm.